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Friday, September 17, 2010


I was on my way back from Jeti after bought my ticket to my second home in PJ. Since there's no MP3 or earphone around, i have time to wonder about what had happen to me as well as other people. It's about what the title tells you, my reader.
Since I left my lovely secondary school, there's lot changes happen. Directly after the SPM, everyone from my school has gone into racing to get a car and bike license. I'm also not excluded especially when I would be going to PLKN in January. Then, I went to PLKN White Resort in Balik Pulau. It was time when I really2 much thinking about my friends, and my great past time in Md. Jiwa. It's really great if I could bring all of them to feel and gone through life there as it was amazing if the trainee was all of them.
But it's a good experience being with the new people. I felt it was not the best place I've ever been but after I finished the training, I look through back the life there and there are things that I've learned through the hard time. It won't be discuss here. As I was there, a lot of meeting for enjoying purpose had been arrange and attend by my friends.
It tooks about a week to two weeks to get me in my Mad Jiwa friends mood again. But it was great as everyone felt the missing the hostel life. And everyone keep in contact through the Facebook. Then, there's the SPM result and the Kenduri Kesyukuran where we all could let out all the longing feeling. Then, everyone busy to continue the studies and we gone through day by day. And through the day, I keep missing the hostel life filled with my friends.
I also learned to cope with it. And as I cnotact with other friends, they posses changes, a little and a lot. Some won't even care much about the schoolmate anymore while most, as myself, try to join together the new life with the best friends ever we had in the school. But most would still contact much with schoolmate. As myself, I still can felt my school friends around and sometimes hope they would be there to share with.
And most would realize that I become fatter. During my past school holiday, I become fatter too but after came back to school, it would be normal again. But in my university, it seems doesn't happen. I don't know why but sometimes I've been thinking what people like to say, "When you're missing someone, everything won't be normal." And I think that maybe this is caused by being longing with my friends or maybe DM serve the right menu for the students. When people talk about it, I always said that I don't exercise much.
During Hari Raya, I join the best ever event, Konvoi Raya with Mad Jiwa boys. There's a lot change I can see through the day. Once, we used to walk together to go anywhere, but now, we use cars and bikes. The thing that we never imagine but it just came to our life. And everybody's busy to go back to studies after the event.
Things just change as time goes by. Sometimes we need change to make life better. Once we could only mumbling about the problem, after the change we might like to change back to past. Maybe the change could make us just take the past as the memories as we going good with the change. Sometimes the change is what we need to achieve or to gain something that we want. And sometimes after the change, things won't be as good as the past.
Simple example, we now use car and bike rather than use buses that we used too and we take the buses as the memories. Once, we mumbling about going out from the school especially during the early year,but now we like to gone through it again. And sometime we change to satisfy the others but the change could only be worse when the satisfication didn't come but the hate comes more.
So as time goes by, we would gone through the changes in our life. As a wiseman said, If we don't change, things around us will change. And I still held onto it. As the change gone through try to think about it and I guarantee that I'll do it much2 again.
Thanks friends. Hope we can gone through the change together and tighting more the friendship forever bond.=)

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