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Monday, May 02, 2011

Thomas Edison and Friends

Assalamualaikum and hi.

   First question of the day. Do you know Thomas Edison? Yeah, blah, blah, blah... But do you know who his friend? Well, that question also I do not know the answer. Maybe I'll answer, Albert Einstein because they both very genius. Well, let's just focus to the point.

Thomas Edison

   Thomas Edison is the person who invent light bulb. He is the one who begin to lit up the world with modern candles. And millions of people are using the light nowadays, which it's going to be crazy if the whole world suddenly lost the light.

   In his journey to success, thousands and millions trials he had to go through. Isn't that incredible? But, how many guys who supported him when he failed again and again? Of course I don't know the answer too. However, it's surely less than people who supporting him after he succeed, and less than people who remember him now.

   The moral of the story of Thomas Edison, usually, don't give up and too achieve success, there's going to be hard work. But here I'm going to tell another lesson to be notice by others. The people surrounding also don't give up with the person.

Keep on supporting him.

   Nowadays, people often judge by first impression and only give at most 2 or 3 chances to others. Let me ask you, when a baby start try to talk, do they practice only once or twice to be able to talk? When the baby start try to walk, do they get fall only once or twice, then he/she be able to run? But one important thing that people will miss is how many supports that the parents give to the baby, especially mum.

   Even, the mum will always be the most couragable to see his child to be able to talk and walk, more than the baby. So guys, my beloved readers, would you do me a favour? When you see somebody is trying to do well in the class, or in sports, or in driving, or anywhere, please support and help him/her until he/she success in the particular thing. You'll feel more happy and satisfy when the person do success incredibly. If they are one of your friend, they'll more appreciate the friendship. =)

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